password safe crashes

  • sgm-co

    sgm-co - 2006-09-03

    Password safe 3.02 crashes when trying to open a database. Password Safe, just shuts down and gives me an error. It can open older databases from previous versions.

    any ideas?


    • Gregor

      Gregor - 2006-09-13

      Have a similar problem and reported it to the bug tracker. My database corrupted after I added a URL to an entry. Unfortunately the .psafe~ is already a few days old.



      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2006-09-14


        What would really help me in tracking this down and fixing it would be a small sample database and a sequence that reproduces thecrash.



    • Calculator

      Calculator - 2006-09-14

      My password safe also crashes (and won't open) - I thought that it may be related to recent entries into the Password Safe and not version control.

      Please note that PS has crashed on 2 separate machines: 1 running Vista Beta 2 and the other one running XP.

      It does not seem to be version specific since I was running PS V3.02 well but it failed to open on the update to Vista RC1.

      The XP Failure to open also happened around the time of a Windows update (as I remember). However, on a third machine with XP it has not yet crashed and all the same Windows updates have taken place. The only difference with the third machine is that I have not recently updated passwords in it. This third machine is also running PS V3.02.

      Please let me have a solution since I have quite a number of essential pieces of recent info in PS which I can't open it on either computer (nor can I open backups of recent databases).

      I also seem not to be able to open previous versions when I uninstall version 3.02 back to version 3.01.


    • Spock

      Spock - 2006-09-26

      I think I've found out when corruption happens. It seems if you have PS V3.02 open on a desktop, and it "times out" to minimize to the system tray, if you have an entry open, and then try to continue editing that item, it claims the item is already in the database and won't save any changes. It then aborts if you try to continue further.

      Additionally, I have had PW 3.02 open a database created in an older version that has a shorter password that is non-compliant with the new forced database lock password scheme, then when one saves it, it can corrupt the database and not let you back into it... VERY BAD.

      Really wish that new database combination would simply only warn and not enforce long combinations!!! GRRRR!!

      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2006-09-26

        Great! now I can sink my teeth into this and fix it - thanks!

        As to the password enforcement policy - thisw will be fixed in the next release.


        • Spock

          Spock - 2006-09-26

          Glad to be of help!

          I love the program! I've been using it since version 1.07!

          Glad to hear you are re-working the database locking password restrictions too! Please allow for any nag message that may come up to also be suppressed. Maybe have it prompt the first time with the warning, and have a checkbox to suppress future pop-ups of the warning on subsequent opens of that particular database. Just a suggestion :)

          Keep up the good work :)


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