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v.3.01 win98se BUG

  • nuvotronic

    nuvotronic - 2006-07-12

    I wonder, nobody mentioned this bug yet, since this occures on ALL my win98se-machines ( de - german ).

    A password.psafe3 -file transferred from a XP-machine to a win98se -machine or created on a win98se -machine shows NO data when (re-)opening.

    Same with a *.psafe3 -file transferred from win98se to a winXP-machine.

    The window shows a tree, but instead of names it shows just empty square brakets.

    Editing an entry shows empty fields

    I would definitely like to use the password-data on ALL my machines, otherwise the software is worthless for me. ( I still use a lot of win98se with and without the INofficial ServicePack 2.1b ).

    Any suggestions ? Thanks !

    • Luca Boni

      Luca Boni - 2006-07-20

      Hi, I have the same problem on my Windows ME!
      I can't use the new password file format because when I reopen the database early saved it contains only empty square brakets.
      For now I can only use the old 2.x format doing an export instead of save.


    • bill

      bill - 2006-07-12

      I don't know if that is a different format as I've never exported to psafe3. But I do move the files from machine to machine. I simply copy the *.dat file to the new machine. Actually I zip it and mail it to work for example as our filewall would block it but you get the idea. No idea if there is a win98 issue. Never used the win9x stuff myself.



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