Apologies if this turns out to be a duplicate post. I submitted it a bit ago & seemed to disappear.

If scripts associated with fsdn.com are blocked - specifically
then Preview & Edit post (2 examples) no longer work on the forum. Yes, it's an SF website issue / decision. AdBlock Plus blocks this tracker - the actual filter is: ||fsdn.com/con/js/webtracker.js$domain=sourceforge.net It's also blocked by NoScript.

If I unblock the tracker / script, then preview & edit seem fine.

Can others w/ tracker blocking addons or software check that blocking this particular tracker breaks some forum functions?

Farther out on the limb: Why is this tracker involved w/being able to preview / edit posts? Possibly they want to "see" the data.
One guess, the tracker is involved w/ the data being entered / edited, possibly to deliver targeted ads. Though I don't get any ads, when it's unblocked. Apparently, you can only preview or edit a post if the tracker's allowed? (I could be wrong).

When you look at one of the scripts from FSDN in the Firefox page source, there are entries like: "search tel url email datetime date month week time datetime-local number range color"

I'm no expert on scripts of this nature - just making observations.