problem with password safe locking mechanism

  • eyechart

    eyechart - 2005-09-27

    the locking mechanism doesn't seem to work for me. I am using version 2.13 (binary dl from sourceforge) and I can open and modify the same .dat file from two separate workstations. There is no indication that I am opening a .dat file that is already open from another user.

    What am I doing wrong? Or am I misunderstanding the locking capabilities. Thanks.

    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2005-09-27

      - How is the file shared between the two machines? In a shared directory hosted on one of them?
      - When PasswordSafe open the file on one machine, can you check if there's a file with the same name as the database, only with a '.plk' suffix in the same directory as the database? If so, can you check if the other machine can read it (it's a small text file, you can also reead it with notepad)?



    • eyechart

      eyechart - 2005-09-27

      The file is stored on a netapp filer. we connect to the filer using CIFS (SMB protocol). Either by UNC path or by a mapped drive.

      The .plk file is created, however the 2nd machine that opens the datafile overwrites the original .plk file with one of it's own. The data inside the .plk file is replaced with the info from the 2nd machine.

      I can test this functionality on a standard windows file share to see if the netapp is somehow getting in the way. I'll post back with what I find.


      • Rony Shapiro

        Rony Shapiro - 2005-09-28

        Thanks - my understanding is that the lock mechanism works for shares between Windows machines,


        • Peter

          Peter - 2005-09-29

          Hi all,

          Well there does seem to be something odd about share locking.

          This is what I did.
          Two W2K workstations & one W2K server. Pretty standard configuration.
          PWSAFE 2.13 with a database located in a folder on the server.
          Logged on to the network as a normal user.

          Open an instance of PWS on one workstation.
          Open a second instance on the same workstation and the second instance
          is locked & protected as it should be.

          However if you open the second instance on a different workstation you
          are allowed to edit the database from both workstations.

          This is not something I would ever normally do, I just tried it in response
          to the comments in the thread.

          Very nice little utility is PWS.

          Pete Ford

          • eyechart

            eyechart - 2005-10-13


            this is exactly the problem I am having. We want to share password safe amongst several server admins. The locking mechanism seems to be ignored when you open up a shared password safe file from different workstations.



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