Tree view reopens after minimizing

  • Dennis

    Dennis - 2007-02-07

    Since upgrading to version 3.5.02, the tree view of my passwords reopens every time I minimize PasswordSafe, either by clicking the minimize button or by using Autoplay to enter a username and password. Interestingly, it's the third group that reopens for one of my databases, and the first group for another. The settings on the Options | Display page are as follows:

    Top section, all unchecked except for
    [x] Show password in add & edit

    Bottom section, Initial tree view, selection is
    (o) Fully collapsed

    I haven't found any settings that seem to matter. Suggestions?

  • Jonathan

    Jonathan - 2011-12-30

    Still a problem in v3.27. Not a major issue but still annoying.

  • MalcolmC

    MalcolmC - 2014-03-01

    Still a problem in v3.33 and I find this extremely annoying.

  • Ulrich Boche

    Ulrich Boche - 2014-03-01

    This problem is almost as old as the product. It has been brought up umpteen times but has never been fixed.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2014-06-07

    Is this (one of) the latest bugs concerning PWS not keeping its tree view when program is minimized & re-opened?

    Before I added a comment on 6/7/2014, had been no updates on bug's status since 7/2012.

    The most irritating scenario is when the GUI is minimized & reopened, it expands several folders that weren't open. Forcing a lot of scrolling to find the last entry used. One case would be when testing entries & autotype, or an attempt to login fails & you need the same entry to try again.

    • Geoff

      Geoff - 2014-06-07

      I see that too and I guess others do. Happy to try and help with test cases but I guess this might be a tricky one to fix.

  • Brittney Smith

    Brittney Smith - 2014-06-07

    I'm not a (very good) coder, so don't know how tricky it'd be.
    MS Explorer seems to have saving the same tree view when it's closed / reopened down to a science.
    I don't believe Keepass has this problem - not positive. If not, maybe could get some ideas there.

  • MalcolmC

    MalcolmC - 2015-06-26

    V3.36 -- I still have this problem. I'm wondering whether the installing method is significant: I installed PWS as a stand-alone, not using the registry.


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