BUG win98se: EMPTY

  • nuvotronic

    nuvotronic - 2006-09-26

    v.3.02 (german)

    reopening a password database results only in EMPTY entries , only '[]' .

    groups are lost:
    1 group with 2 entries and 1 group with 1 entries
    convert to 3 entries.

    • Grant Blank

      Grant Blank - 2006-10-31

      I have exact the same problem described in this thread. Under Win98se I can successfully open my v2 safe, but when it is saved in v3 format all entries display as a pair of square brackets: []. The message in the lower right corner says the safe has the correct number of items but I can't see them under any circumstances that I can find.

      I'm going to return to v2 on all my computers.

    • nuvotronic

      nuvotronic - 2006-09-26

      I tried to open the sample datbase

      You can find a sample database in
      The passphrase is "Sample123" (without the quotes).
      got error message:
      could not open file for reading

    • puddintane

      puddintane - 2006-09-28

      I've just encountered the same problem. It happens when I try to open a database from a previous version or when I restore from a backup. When I use the restore, it displays the data correctly. But when I try to save in the psafe3 format, and then reopen it, it's an empty file. There are place markers followed by brackets in the window where entries would be, but they're empty.

    • dosware

      dosware - 2006-10-09

      Exact same issue with WinME. Loaded 3.02 on a Win ME machine. I could not open a *.psafe dbase at all on the WinME machine with 3.02.

      But I could restore and (initially) view a backup *.dat (using Make Backup command) which had been created with v3.02 on my XP machine.

      I then explicitly saved that database (File..SAVE) which gave a message that it was old format and would be saved as v3. Huh??? I never saved it in the old format on the XP machine.

      Next I closed the prog, restarted it, entered password as prompted, and noticed the database was only [] characters. That previous Save command must have corrupted the database.

      End result- I have returned to v 2.15 on all my machines.


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