Feature Requests - Usability items

  • Hello

    I've put together a collection of usability / feature requests. Is this the
    best place to submit these for consideration and should I seperate them out
    into individual topics?

    Below are my suggestions:


    I’d like to submit the following Enhancement requests:

    Version 3.24.1

    For the Add Entry window

    The Window is not re-sizable

    The Group pull-down is not wide enough when you have multi-levels in your tree

    The Group, Title, Username and Password fields as those fields are not always
    wide enough.

    --- If the Hide and Generate buttons were not so big, you could widen those fields to be the same as the URL and Email.
    --- There is a lot of dead space between the right edge of the field names and the left edge of the field boxes that could be recovered (move the left edge of the field boxes to the left.
    The Note’s window could be longer as there is dead space below it. This would
    help reduce when the scroll bar is needed.

    For Adding a New Group

    Adding a New Group always add’s it to the top most level.

    What should happen is that if you have a tree such as:

    A group

    B group

    C group

    C sub group 1

    C sub group 2

    D group

    And you want to add another sub group to level C, You should be able to add it
    there by clicking on a group name that is at the level you want to add too. In
    the case, click on C sub group 1 and click Add group.

    For Exporting

    Allow the ability to export in PWS format a specific group and its sub groups.

    --- You allow this feature for text and XML format.
    --- The goal is to allow exchanging or sending a group to another PWS user
    Allow browsing to desired folders for selection

    --- Currently you must do a filter/search.

    For Importing

    Allow the ability to import PWS format

    --- The goal is to accept a group and subgroups from another PWS user
    Allow the ability to import from PWS format and place it into a specified

    --- The goal is to be able to put imported PWS groups into a new group so that it
    ------ does not get merged into existing groups or over-write existing groups and entries.
    ------ This will allow manual merging of duplicate entries.

    For Search

    The Help says

    “To search an open Safe, press Ctrl-F (or Edit->Find...). A toolbar appears
    above the status bar at the bottom of the application's windows similar to the

    Allow the Edit -> Find option in the pull-down when you are on a group. It
    only appears in the menu if you are on an entry, not a group. You should at
    least display it as grayed out so we can see the shortcut keystroke F3

    Allow the Find bar to persist. That is, allow it to always show.

    Allow the Find bar to be docked at the top of the screen next to the other

    Create a Find button for the toolbar if the other features requested above are
    not done.

    For Logging in

    When returning to log in after you have been logged out, present the login
    screen for the most recently logged out session.

    --- Example, you have several safes, when you open PWS, you are forced to go to the File menu to select which to log into.
    --- In the event you log into the same one all day long, you are forced to do these steps over and over.

    For View options

    Allow additional fields to be displayed when in Nested view, e.g. Notes, URL

    In Nested tree view, allow additional information to be viewed in columns.

    --- This would be as if you were looking at the flat view but it had grouping and indenting

    Having a view that is similar to the flat view but with indenting and grouping
    would be ideal.

    For sending UserID and Password

    Create a way to enter both User Name and Password with one drag and drop.

    --- Create a button for this operation
    --- when you drop onto the Username field, try to find a field named Password and other variants of the name and automatically drop the password into it.


  • DrK

    Go to Tracker - there you can add new Feature Requests. Since we are unlikely
    to do any/all at the same time, I would suggest putting them into separate
    FRs. In this way they can be tracked.

    No promises that any/all of them will be implemented - but thanks for your


  • Thanks David

    I've added in my list as seven requests to tracker.


  • add way to select all entries, at once.