database corrupt if put on SD Card

Massimo M
  • Massimo M

    Massimo M - 2016-10-03

    Hi all,
    I have a notebook HP Folio 9480m with HD SSD, Windows 7 Pro, plus one SD card for HD expansion. Pswsafe 3.40 executable is installed on HD with standard installation, and the DB (version 3.40) is on the SD external card. The problem is the following: if I don't exit pswsafe before shutting down Windows, the next time I use pswsafe database I find it corrupted and I have to use a backup copy.
    This problem is systemathic on my PC and can be reproduced everytime.
    In my opinionI I think that something like a "flush" command into the pswsafe program everytime writes data should be enough to avoid this problem. At the moment the problem is fixed moving pswsafe DB onthe primary SSD HD.

    Best Regards
    Massimo M

  • Huw

    Huw - 2016-10-25

    Do you have "Save (database) immediately" enabled? Worth a try.
    Manage > Options... > Backups > Save database immediately after Edit or Add
    Note, I'm still on v3.39.01 – see 20 September 2016 Changes and New Features sections for updates to this feature in v3.40

  • DrK

    DrK - 2016-10-25

    We do issue a flush after writing the DB during close processing:

    int PWSfile::Close()
        delete m_fish;
        m_fish = NULL;
        if (m_fd != NULL) {
           m_fd = NULL;
        return SUCCESS;
    Last edit: DrK 2016-10-25
  • DrK

    DrK - 2016-11-05

    I have put in some extra code/logic for when the databse is on removable media such as a SD card. However, I haven't been able to reproduce your issue and so can't say it definitely resolves it.

    It will be in the next release.

    If you would want a current development version to test, please let us know. Of course, this will be a development version and you should make sure that you back up your database before using it - just in case!!!


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