dejvnull - 2005-04-28


I'm new to this list but have been using the software since I first saw it on Conterpane labs site.
It's one of the 5 best programs for me. This and Total Commander for windows are a couple of the tools I can't do without. Thanks for the great work!!!!

Anyway to the issue at hand.

What I was wondering about is, would it be possible to have PWSafe lock itself with the lock timer even when an entry is in edit/view mode? Since every now and then I forget an entry open that I'm using or entering, and when I come back (way past the timers lock time) PWSafe is still unlocked. Not counting any screensavers or so forth.

This might be a mess to get to work, but I think it's a bit of a security issue, even if it's foolish to leave an entry open, but sometimes we forget, especially when in a hurry.

Just my 2 cents.