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3.01 loses edits

  • Karl

    Karl - 2006-07-11

    Fantastic program etc etc, have been using if for a couple of years now, thanks heaps to all involved.

    I had an interesting thing happen:
    Opened an entry to edit it, made several changes then had to leave it for a while without saving it. When I got back to it the lock time had timed out so the db was locked - no problem so far. I enter my password and there is my edited entry - no problem so far. Now I try and save the entry and the db complians that there is already an existing entry with that name. In the two instances it happend I ended up cancelling and losing my edits but in writing this I realise that I could probably just given the entry a new name and saved it then deleted the old entry and renamed this new entry. I don't recall 2.?? having this feature.

    • Karl

      Karl - 2006-07-17

      Bug report submitted, thanks Rony,


    • Karl

      Karl - 2006-07-11

      Wow, look at the date on this post - I have discovered time travel!!! :-)

    • Rony Shapiro

      Rony Shapiro - 2006-07-12


      The reason this didn't happen in 2.x was that database locking was disabled when a dialog box (such as edit) was open (this was done since I did not feel that I understood the implications of locking with open dialog boxes).

      In the meanwhile, it has been pointed out that disabling locking this way is a security issue, so after some study, I changed the behaviour to be more secure.

      Apparently you caught the boundary case that I was worried about. I'd be grateful if you could enter this as a formal bug report in, so that I can keep track of (and eventually fix) this.



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