downgrade PWS from 3.30 to 3.23 ?

pj fisher
  • pj fisher

    pj fisher - 2013-01-29

    current  environment :
          - win_xp (home/2002/sp3)
          - avg / spyware-blaster / hijack-this
          - firefox (def)
          - chrome (alt)

    hey  all . . . thanks  for  the  interest . . .

    i  wish  to  downgrade  my  pws  from  3.30  to  3.23.  are  these  two  releases  compatible  enough  to  not  utilize  pws's  "file/export"  feature ?  do  i  just  backup  the  database  and  uninstall/reinstall ?  this  downgrade  won't  necessitate  pws's  "file/compare"  feature ?

    in  case  you  want  additional  development  feedback  from  me . . . continue  reading.

    1.) in  both  versions,  i  experienced  the  following  phenomenon :
    the  software  is  set-up  to  disappear  from  task-bar  and  remain  on  the  system-tray.
    when  right-clicking  system-tray  icon  and  choosing  an  entry (recent entries history) . . . "browse/autotype"  inputs  and  disappears  back  into  system-tray.
    when  right-clicking  system-tray  icon  and  choosing  an  entry (recent entries history) . . . "autotype"  inputs  and  remains  on  the  task-bar.
    i  feel  it  should  disappear  back  into  system-tray.

    2.) in  both  versions,  i  experienced  the  following  phenomenon :
    alternate  browser  might  work  fine . . . have  no  idea . . . befuddles  me  really  as  to  the  concept  utilized.  seems  each  entry  needs  additional  url-text  typed  into  the  subservient  field(s)  of  the  alternate  browser ?
    why  doesn't  pws  query/fetch (from win-os) which  browser  is  "in-focus" . . . and  simply  enter  the  field-data  into  the  prospective  browser ?
    perhaps  i  misunderstood  the  guide-lines ?

    3.) in  version  3.30 (after migration),  i  experienced  the  following  phenomenon (two issues really) :
    upon  booting  up  my  computer . . . the  "recent entries list"  had  no  rhyme  or  reason (as to how the list was populated) . . . some  "most-recents"  were  on  bottom . . . other  "most-recents"  were  on  top.  when  i  performed  "clear-recent-history" . . . the  history  was  cleared . . . just  until  next  boot-up.

    4.) in  version  3.30 (only noticed after using one week),  i  experienced  the  following  phenomenon :
    the  system-tray  icon  has  changed  from  red (with black-shadows)  to  flat-black.

    i  do  not  consider  myself  as  a  "power-user" . . . else  i  might  get  major  usage  outta'  the  newest  version  of  pws (password-safe).

    really  appreciate  the  program  and  all  the  work/time  that  has  gone  into  developing  this  product . . . hats  off  to  really.

    • pj fisher

      pj fisher - 2013-02-08

      ummm . . . this discussion is less than awesome ?

      i offered my environment . . . concise detail as to what emanated . . . yet nobody responded with their own knowledge ? this is phenomenal !

      i experienced issue . . . asking knowledge from users more experienced than myself . . . nobody came forward.

      is this forum real ? i think not.

      Last edit: pj fisher 2013-02-08
  • pj fisher

    pj fisher - 2013-02-08

    oh . . . and for the record . . . i can offering my experience as to what happened . . . when i downgraded. but seems . . . nobody having interest . . . que-sera-sera.

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2013-02-08

    Since you've already downgraded, not sure how much this will help you, but:
    1. Looks like a bug
    2. The alternate browser is unrelated to autotype. It's meant to specify a non-default browser to use when "browsing to" the URL in a given entry.
    3. Looks like a bug. Does it happen in 3.23 as well?
    4. The black icon means that there's no database opened, as opposed to a database that's open (selected) and locked (green) or unlocked (red).

    Sorry you had to wait for replies, but please note that PasswordSafe is a freely available product, and support from developers and users is on a voluntary basis.


    • Valkenier

      Valkenier - 2013-05-17

      Hi Rony,

      I am working on the translation for the 3.30pre release. And have a
      is SchemaCache60 a technical term that is best not translated?

      If no, and I should translate it, what is it?


    • pj fisher

      pj fisher - 2014-12-14

      sorry for my earlier sardonic attitude … and thanks for the courtesy extended.

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2013-05-17

    SchemaCache60 is most definitely best left untranslated. It's an internal error that hopefully will never be displayed. If it shows up, then either the schema file (pwsafe.xsd) is corrupt, or something's very wrong with the user's system.


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