Hot Key recommendation

  • Michael Smith

    Michael Smith - 2006-03-14

    I've mentioned this issue before but since v3.0 is one the final approach to landing I thought I'd raise it again in the hopes that the developers would be able to incorporate the idea before final release or at least think about implementing it in the next update.

    I've found the hot key only works when the window is open and is hidden behind other windows so that it brings PWS to the front. However, I often use autotype and have PWS return to the tray automatically. The hot key does not pull up PWS when it is minimized to the tray. It would be helpful if the HK could also do this.


    • timbuk2

      timbuk2 - 2006-03-21

      I very much agree with DNAtsol. The hot-key is an EXCELLENT feature, but it's execution is somewhat cumbersome and not very intuitive. Once you get the hang of it, it's not so bad. But it's being so peculiar does not qualify it to be a "hot" key as it requires a little logistical control to execute it.

    • Hilton Travis

      Hilton Travis - 2006-06-25

      Snap. It doesn't really function as one would expect a hotkey to function. I also use autotype (looking at Password Safe to replace Roboform) and find that the Password Safe implementation of hotkeys is, well, limited in functionality to the point of it not really being useful at this point in time.

      Basically, this results in the "hotkey" being quite useless, therefore requiring a click on the tray icon to bring the app to the foreground, and then you have to locate the required entry, so you may as well double-click on it after configuring the double-click action to "Autotype".

    • Peter Gregory

      Peter Gregory - 2006-06-13

      Thanks Michael for the heads up on how to use the hot key. I was getting rather annoyed and then I found this post on how to use it!

      As timbuk2 said, it is not perfect but is a reasonable fit.


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