Hi Rony -

I'm using -s <database file path>, and I'm opening the db r/w. The message comes up immediately, and if I dismiss it I'm given the opportunity to enter the database password.

If I launch pwsafe by double-clicking pwsafe.exe it remembers the last db file and comes up normally, without the error message.

Attached is a log file produced by Sysinternals Process Monitor. Open it with Process Monitor and you should see all the file and registry operations performed by pwsafe up to and including the point where the error was displayed. Capture was halted while the error was still on screen and before typing the password. Hopefully this should pin it down.

I rather suspect it's a weird file permissions problem, possibly due to the fact that my database file was recently copied across from an old XP system which I no longer have. That said, the security settings on the database show it as owned by me (logged in user) and with full permissions, however, the most confusing thing I've found in moving from XP to Win7 is that Win7 seems to modulate the ACLs you actually see in the name of UAC, or some other Redmond meta-policy which still escapes me.

If it is such a file permissions problem that I need to fix by tweaking ACLs or something, you might feel inclined to reclassify it as a feature rather than a bug, however, if you do so the error message certainly needs to be made more helpful.

Regards - Philip

On 25 December 2013 20:37, Rony Shapiro <ronys@users.sf.net> wrote:

I'm having trouble reproducing this:
- Is "-s" given alone, or with the path to a database file?
- Is the database being opened read-only or read-write?
- Does the error appear immediately, or only after entering the master passphrase?

[bugs:#1149] "Requested mode change failed"

Status: open
Created: Sun Dec 08, 2013 08:07 PM UTC by Philip Le Riche
Last Updated: Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:41 AM UTC
Owner: nobody

Having upgraded to v3.32, launching PaswordSafe (with -s option) gives a popup with a title "Requested mode change failed", saying "Failed to switch from R/W to R-O: Could not release database lock." Clicking OK, PasswordSafe appears to run normally.

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