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#973 Some databases crash application on successful unlock

Linux (86)

Using v0.6BETA 64bit for Ubuntu, running on Ubuntu 11

  1. Start pwsafe
  2. Pick bad database
  3. Enter good password
  4. Program crashes with this message in console:
    pwsafe: UTF8Conv.cpp:165: bool CUTF8Conv::FromUTF8(const unsigned char*, size_t, StringX&): Assertion `wcLen != 0' failed.

Same occurs if you open pwsafe, unlock a good database, then open bad database.

Incidentally this bad database was fine and a descendant many previous uses of Pwsafe. Some time after I started using the new version the database became unreadable - so it was, I am sure, the new version that caused the corruption.

I am able to successfully re-open the "bad" database usingpwsafe v3.05.02 (1210) for Windows and passwordsafeSWT.


  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2011-07-08

    Can you please check if the 3.26 (Windows) version of pwsafe can open the "bad" database?

  • Andrew Liles

    Andrew Liles - 2011-07-08

    I have got a better reproducible case for you.

    1. Create a new database called test, set password to be "1"
    2. Close it (having made no entries)
    3. Open it with correct password --> crash
  • Andrew Liles

    Andrew Liles - 2011-07-08

    specimen bad database

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2011-07-13

    Fixed in trunk. Will be available in next release


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