#944 Virtual keyboard not appearing

Linux (86)

PasswordSafe Linux v0.3 3839 beta on Linux Mint 9

As bug 3136637. Start PasswordSafe & it defaults to last opened database - virtual keyboard button is present but does not make it appear.

Changing combination of an existing safe, setting up a new safe, & opening an existing safe from File menu do not have virtual keyboard button.


  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2011-02-07

    pwsafe launches 'xvkbd' on clicking the virtual keyboard button, which ships with X Windows.

    Just to be clear, is it the case that 'xvkbd' installed on your system but pwsafe cannot launch it? Or you want 'xvkbd' added as an optional/recommended dependency of pwsafe (like bug 3136637)?

  • Huw

    Huw - 2011-02-07

    xvkbd not on my system - I'd say should be optional dependency.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-02-07

    The Windows MFC version does use a home built, and much superior (IMHO as I wrote it!), Virtual Keyboard to provide keyboards used by over 90 different countries. This allows a user to have a passphrase with say, Latin, Greek, Russion, Chinese, Korean, Indian etc. characters to make it more difficult for key loggers.

    is there any way this can be mograted to wxWidgets build? The main MFC part is the design of the keyboard dialog - all the logic is in C and should migrate virtually unchanged. The only other issue I know of is that it uses a Windows DLL (260KB) to contain the keyboard data so that it is shareable. The options here are to have this code within PasswordSafe itself or to move it to a Linux style shared object library. I am not sure how this would affect the Windows wxWidget build (at the moment the current wxWidgest build also works on Windows as well as Linux).


  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2011-02-09

    We added the 'xvkbd' as a quick alternative to porting the MFC keyboard code. I don't know of any reason why it cannot be ported. The question really is "when".

    The 'xvkbd' button was enabled in many places after the last Linux release. The next release should have all the cases covered.

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2011-07-30

    Rony - can you please add 'xvkbd' as an optional dependency for the next release?


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