#917 3.23 keytouch/underlying focus mismatch

Tim Collins

Version 3.23 build 3582
Windows XP SP3


When first opening Password Safe, keytouch navigation in "Flattened List View" visually changes focus, but the underlying entry does not change and remains the first entry in the list. i.e. navigating to an entry and pressing Ctrl-T autotypes the username/password of the first entry in the flattened list instead of the highlighted entry. This only happens on the initial opening of Password Safe.

Work around: use keytouch navigation to get to record then press up arrow and down arrow (to return to the desired entry). The up arrow/down arrow appropriately changes the entry.


- Manage -> Options -> Display; Initial Tree View = "Same as when last saved"

- Set View to "Flattened List"
- Close Password Safe
- Open Password Safe
- Press "S" to go to the first entry with the title "S" (or what ever letter you wish as long as there are other entries prior to your selected letter)
- Press Ctrl-T to auto type
- The user name and password of the first entry in the list will be autotyped - NOT the username/password of the first "S" entry which is highlighted.

Per above the up arrow/down arrow or mouse selection adjusts the underlying focus. After adjusting the underlying focus, the problem goes away for the remainder of the Password Safe session and does not reappear until closing and reopening and then it repeats again for the first selection.


  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2011-04-14

    Rony, et. al.,

    Curious if this is on the list to be fixed any time soon. Thanks for a great product.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-04-14

    Sorry but I can't reproduce this with the latest formal release V3.25.


  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2011-04-15


    Just installed the lastest (V3.25 (4024)) and still have the same issue. Tested on Win7 64 and Win XP SP3 and still have issue on both. The important issue is to have PW in flatten list and then close down PS application. Open application and don't use mouse or up/down arrows. Just type letters to navigate, press Ctrl-T to autotype and the first entry in the list will be autotyped (vs the entry you navigated to with the alpha-only keystrokes).

    After you use mouse or up/down arrow once the problem goes away and focus follows the entry. It only happens on initial open.

    Let me know if you still cannot replicate.

    Again, great product and thanks for your help.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-04-15

    Sorry - followed your exact instructions and still can't reproduce (Win7 - 64 bit).

    Maybe it is your database? Can you replicate the problem with a new test database? If so, please attach that TEST database to this entry and email me the passphrase.


  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2011-06-13
  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2011-06-13


    Sorry for the delay. Created a dummy/test DB (V3.25 - 4042) from scratch and condition still exits. DB file is attached - password is "TWC123" (all entries are fabricated and fictional, thus the reason for including password in the post).

    Should add to the instructions - "Close Password Safe" means exit password safe - not just close the DB and reopen/open a new DB. If the icon is in the system tray, right click, exit and then go to start menu to reopen.

    The following can be replicated on both WinXP SP3 and W7 64bit.
    - Put Password Safe in Flattened List View mode
    - Close Password Safe completely (i.e. File, Exit)
    - Open up Notepad or other editor (in insert mode)
    - Open up Password Safe
    - Authenticate (TWC123)
    - Press "M" - MySQL Root will highlight
    - Press Ctrl-T to auto-type and the username/password for "746 Motorola VT2542" will be auto-typed - the first entry in the DB versus the username/password for the highlighted entry "MySQL Root".

    Hope this helps, please let me know if you still cannot recreate.



  • DrK

    DrK - 2011-06-13

    Thank you - yes I can reproduce this in 3.25 with your test database.

    The good news is that we are hopefully going to release V3.26 this month and I have tested your database with this pre-release version (it is still under going QA testing) and it appears to be fixed in this release.


  • Tim Collins

    Tim Collins - 2013-01-03

    Hello Password Safe (Rony, et al.),

    Great Product!

    This issue still exists in V3.30 (5195) on XP Pro SP3 (sorry did not test on Win7). Bug similar to #532/#119 - multiple highlighted entries - appears to have been introduced (maybe prior to 3.30, but it exists).

    Do you think this issue will be assigned?



  • Jim Litzie

    Jim Litzie - 2013-01-11

    Win7 Professional 64

    Just wanted to add my experience to this thread. Just installed 3.30 (5195) and still have the issue. I'm also running Password Safe on another pc (Win7 Home 64) using version 3.27 (4526) and do not have the problem there. I'm using the same database in both versions.

    Let me know if you need any other info.




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