#820 V3.20 Exit Missing


I just encountered an instance where the app was minimized to the notification area and when I right clicked on the icon there was no option to Exit. When I attempted to unlock it would not bring up the PW entry point. I had to use Task Manager to close and restart. The right click now presents the Exit.


  • DrK

    DrK - 2009-12-09

    There is a bug there as you didn't get the PW entry dialog. I did get that dialog when I tried but, once unlocked and still minimized, I didn't get the Restore menu item.

    However, if a dialog is open (e.g. Entry Edit) when PasswordSafe is minimized by the idle timer or workstation lock etc., then the Exit menu item will not be in the System Tray menu. This is by design as the user may be in the middle of an edit when it was minimised and it is correct that the user is given the dialog as it was to either continue the Edit and save the changes or cancel the update.

    Only if no dialog is open will the Exit menu item appear in the System Tray menu.


  • Side_Winder

    Side_Winder - 2009-12-09

    There was no visible dialog open at the time. I had used the app to log in to report the bug. There would seem to be something else creating the problem.


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