#818 pswafe -s database


-s database is the most useful command line option for startup group use, but the action is slightly illogical, since it launches it with a black tray icon, and offers the database open dialogue box when you double-click it.

Having opened pwsafe, used it , and minimised it to the tray, it has a green icon, which, on double-clicking, displays the Enter Safe Combination dialogue box. This green icon state is the state that -s database should enter; you've explicitly specified the database on the command line, so why should double-clicking the tray icon be any different the first time from subsequently?


  • DrK

    DrK - 2009-12-07

    Black icon = password has never been asked for or entered.

    Green icon = password has been given and database has been opened. Database now locked (i.e. data protected - hence 'green'). Needs password to be re-entered to unlock and access the entries.

    Red icon = password has been given and database has been opened. Database is NOT locked (i.e. data is unprotected - hemce 'red'). No password is required to access entries in the database.

    We are unlikely to change this.


  • Philip Le Riche

    Philip Le Riche - 2009-12-08

    Impeccable logic, but it doesn't tell me what I want to know! I'm not interested in whether I've ever entered the password, but I am interested in whether pwsafe knows where the database is. Much more useful would be:
    Black - no database defined (neither by dialogue nor by command line).
    Green - database defined and locked (whether or not it has ever been opened)
    Red - database defined and open - danger!

    Agreed, this is purely cosmetic, and I don't expect to see a fix anytime soon. I've made my point.

    Regards - Philip


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