#206 Find-entry dialogue OUTSIDE screen

Fluo Roror

(My systems: Windows XP SP2)

It's annoying that when searching, the search-box is so
often OUTSIDE my screen. I can't see it. If you have
dragged the window to fully use resolution, then it

If I run program in e.g. remote desktop 640x480, then
this is VERY irritating.


  • RandyHa11

    RandyHa11 - 2005-05-27

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    I made a feature request not too very long ago asking that the
    find dialogue not obscure the main window.
    This is particularly important when multiple entries are found.
    "Find Next" is more useful when you can see what is next.

    I'm rarely sitting somewhere with less than 1024 pixels
    across, so I hadn't ever encountered that problem.
    But if I make my pwsafe window the width of my screen, I see
    what you mean.

    Seems like an additional check is in order to make sure that
    the find window is displayed on screen.

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2005-05-28

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    Will be fixed in 2.11: If the application takes up more than
    90% of the screen width, then the Find dialog box will
    overlap it. Otherwise, it will be to one side of the app.
    This is a refinement of the fix done in 2.08, per
    randyha11's request.

  • Jeff Lawson

    Jeff Lawson - 2006-03-01

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    I'm still able to see this problem with 2.16.

    I can see the difference behavior regarding the 90% of
    screen width check, but I think that a final check needs to
    be added:

    • If the window width is > 90%, then use the overlapped
      window technique.
    • Otherwise pick a position outside the app window.
    • Check if the selected position will be off the visible
      size of the screen. If so, then fallback and use the
      overlapped window technique.

    This problem is easily reproducible at 800x600 with
    PasswordSafe sized to 80% of the screen width and centered
    (there is not enough gap on either side of the window to
    allow the search box to be visible to the side).


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