#1173 Can't import files created with KPV1_to_PWS.xslt

Bill Wohler

I used (a modified) KPV1_to_PWS.xslt file to convert my Keepassx XML file (version 0.4.3 on Debian Linux) to create a pwsafe.xml file. When I tried to import it, I got the following error:

File: /home/wohler/tmp/pwsafe.xml failed validation against XML Schema:

Do you wish to see a detailed report?

When I clicked Yes to see the report, the page was blank.

I suspect the Keepassx on Debian predates your KP1 format, which is would explain the differences in the attached XSLT file which are largely just to the input tags. I've also attached sanitized input and output XML files, processed as follows:

$ xalan -xsl KPV1_to_PWS.xslt -in keepass.xml -out pwsafe.xml

Note that I also removed the <group> tags in the input file in order to get the xslt file to work with minimal changes (which may also have been my undoing :-). Still, the import with the empty <group/> tags should have still worked.

The failure to import the file could be my fault. However, the detailed report should have described the problem.

Version: passwordsafe-debian-0.93BETA.amd64.deb

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