#1054 Password Variable in Run Command referencing an alias



I'm using:
Windows 7 Enterprise w/SP1 x64
Password Safe v3.29

My setup:
Base entry located in the root of the database
An alias entry in a group pointing to the base entry.

I'm using the run command to call putty in the alias entry.

for example:
putty -ssh -pw $p ${u}@

When selecting the Run Command In the alias entry, I receive Access Denied on the server I'm connecting to and am prompted for a password. Typing in the password works.

If I enter the password directly into the password field of the alias entry, and use Run Command again, it works as expected.



  • Allen Buck

    Allen Buck - 2013-08-20

    I'm having the same problem. This makes organizing a series of machines a real chore and leads to inconsistencies.
    I've seen where other variable reference problems have been solved. What's up with this?

  • Curtis Bangert

    Curtis Bangert - 2013-10-10

    It appears as though the actual value contained in the password field for the entry (in this case, the actual formatted alias - ie: [group:title:username]) is being passed to the Run Command string exactly as it is entered instead of being translated to the password found in the alias record.

    putty -ssh -pw $p ${u}@

    would render

    putty -ssh -pw [group:title:username] username@

  • Allen Buck

    Allen Buck - 2013-10-10

    Is this appropriate behavior? If not, and I think not, can we get this into the list to be fixed?

  • Allen Buck

    Allen Buck - 2013-10-10

    Ran tests using "cmd /k echo $t $u $p" as my run command.

    Results for original entry: TestSource hello goodbye
    Results for aliased entry: Test hello [Alias]
    Same result aliasing to an entry in another group.

  • Curtis Bangert

    Curtis Bangert - 2013-10-10

    I encountered the same behavior by copying the run command to the clipboard and pasting to notepad. In doing so, I noticed the first time, the $p variable is substituted with [Alias]. In subsequent copy/paste routines of the same entry it returns the entire [g:t:u] path as it appears in the password field instead. It seems to do the same regardless of whether $p or $password are used.

  • Allen Buck

    Allen Buck - 2013-11-16

    Has anyone else taken a look at this?

    I've got the code, but have been busy at work and could use a hint to get me motivated.

  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2015-10-07
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> v1.0_(example)
  • Rony Shapiro

    Rony Shapiro - 2015-10-07

    Fixed in 3.37


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