#1032 No password prompt after auto-lock

Linux (86)

Mint 12
Passwordsafe Linux Beta 0.7 (4492)

When passwordsafe times out, it minimises, locks, & goes to top bar in Mint 12.
Bug 3081874 still apparent, but slightly improved: cursor now changes colour from white to black when hovered over red or green (non-transparent) pixels of icon.
But, double-clicking does not get password prompt, or any response. Right-clicking does not give any menu when locked (green).
Before locking, right-click on red pixels does give a working menu.


  • Huw

    Huw - 2012-05-16

    Additionally, if program minimises whilst edit box is open, potentially showing password, this is all left on screen, visible.

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2012-05-16

    Can't repro this. Right-clicking on the top bar icon seems to work for me. I tried both the 0.7 build, as well as the latest code in repository. See the attached screenshot.

    Can you give me some more information as to anything else that might be a factor? Like, were there any dialog windows open when pwsafe was locked?

  • Huw

    Huw - 2012-05-17

    Same problem whether a dialogue box open or not.

    I've now switched to Mint 11 (Gnome 2), after trying Mint 12 for 3 days & having continuous bugs & application instabilities. It might be Gnome 3 not working well on my old hardware.

    I notice in your screengrab you have at the top left a Mint logo followed "Applications" & "Places", whereas I had none of those, just an infinity symbol - not sure if that is significant. I used a default install & desktop.

    If you have any specific tests I can do, let me know - I haven't yet nuked the Mint 12 partition, but I will have to soon as I'm currently running off a live DVD & won't want to do that for long. Already at my partition limit.

    Otherwise don't worry & thanks for looking at it.

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2012-05-17

    By any chance, are you using the Unity desktop? If so, can you try switching to the normal Gnome desktop and see if the problem persists?

    Mine is a vanilla Mint 12 install (32 bit) as a Oracle VirtualBox VM. It updated itself to all the latest patches yesterday. Not sure what all came in, or if it would matter...

  • Huw

    Huw - 2012-05-18

    No, not Unity, but Gnome 3 + MGSE (Mint GNOME Shell Extension) which was the default install for me. It's a fork of Gnome Shell, & was the Mint team's initial response to Gnome 3, in the same way Unity is Ubuntu's response.

    I'm now in Mint 12 Gnome 3 "Classic", which I think Gnome call "Fallback" & are planning to discontinue soon, if they haven't already. This looks the same as your screengrab. It also works fine with Password Safe, just as it does for you.

    I don't see why it would be relevant, but in case: I'm in Gnome 3 "Classic (No effects)".

    Clicking on the cog icon at login allows you to choose desktops. This review has screengrabs:
    I don't have the MATE option, probably because I installed from the CD ISO instead of DVD.

    So, this bug is Gnome 3 MGSE related. If I'm understanding all this correctly, MGSE has no more of a future than Fallback - Mint intend to go with Cinnamon, which I haven't yet tried.

    Make of that what you will!

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2012-05-18

    Do you know how to switch to MGSE from Gnome (which I assume is running on my system)? I checked all the settings/configurations related GUI tools currently installed, but didn't see anything that would let me switch.

  • Huw

    Huw - 2012-05-18

    I think you're in Gnome Fallback (Mint calls it "Gnome Classic").

    Do you have the little cog at the login screen, as seen in the first screengrab in the review I link gave in my previous comment?

    If you don't have the option to select MGSE (Mint calls it just "Gnome", top of the list), maybe this would do it:

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2012-05-18

    Thanks for the link. I was finally able to enable MGSE and repro the bug. I fixed it also, in the trunk. But it impacts all distros, so I will watch it for some time and might need to rework it if it causes problems elsewhere.

    I had the cog and "Gnome" as one of its options, but didn't have 3D acceleration enabled in VM settings, so MGSE never took off.

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2012-07-12

    The fix for this (rev 4909) had an unexpected consequence: now the msgboxes won't hide when the db is locked, if any were shown at the time. So I rolled back the fix.

    How important is it to fix this for MGSE now, as compared to wait for MGSE to be fixed? It surely is a problem with MGSE and not pwsafe, because all we're doing in pwsafe is a short sleep after minimizing to give the Window's GUI some time to really go away. Actually, its not even a sleep, but just yielding to other threads in the system. Control is supposed to return back to pwsafe automatically, but it doesn't, under MGSE.

  • Huw

    Huw - 2012-07-12

    Well, to me, not very important. I've pretty much given up on Mint 12, & the Mint team themselves have said they weren't very happy with that release. They've already released Mint 13, but 12 is supported until April 2013.

    At least it's documented here if anyone else is hit with it. Your call, really.

  • Saurav Ghosh

    Saurav Ghosh - 2012-07-12

    Ok. I'm resolving it as "Wont Fix", then. Thanks.


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