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  • Anonymous - 2013-09-06

    I have both apps installed, and I my Google account linked to the Sync App. However for the life of me I can not get the sync to work, My Google drive shows at the bottom of the app but when I touch the Google drive, it says no files. I have pushed the sync button numerous times. I am so confused on what I am doing wrong. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated.


    • Jeff Harris

      Jeff Harris - 2013-09-07

      Are you seeing any errors in the sync log in PasswdSafe Sync. You can see the log from the clock menu icon in the Sync app. The app only syncs .psafe3 files from your Google Drive.


  • Anonymous - 2013-09-10

    I have the same problem.
    I have Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 10.1 4G.
    Both have PasswdSafe and PasswdSafeSync installed.
    Both have Download/myfile.pwsafe3 as the local file, manually copied from other device to other. And both can show the same list of passwords.

    Now when one new account item is added on another device, and sync is done in both devices in PasswdSafeSync, the other device does not get this new item in its list. Clicking google drive in PasswdSafeSync also gives "no files".

    Overall there is instructions missing how this PasswdSafeSync is suppose to work. What directories, filenames shoud be used? When sync has been done in the background (1 hour update) to where the synced file goes to? Should PasswdSafe always now opened via PasswdSafeSync or how?

    So, good simple step by step howto would be needed.

    • Jeff Harris

      Jeff Harris - 2013-09-11

      PasswdSafe Sync doesn't sync arbitrary files from the device. Upload the .psafe3 (not .pwsafe3) file to your account on Google Drive, and then sync should see it. I suppose I should update the description a bit to note that you should start by uploading the file to the Drive or Dropbox.


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        Anonymous - 2016-05-20

        Jeff do you ever plan to support .psafe3 files that do not have the extension in the name?

      • JoeH

        JoeH - 2016-05-20

        Do you ever plan on supporting .psafe3 files that do not have the extension in the name?

        • Jeff Harris

          Jeff Harris - 2016-05-22

          Probably not any time soon. I'm finishing up fingerprint support, and then I need to look forward to the new file format that is being developed for the PC Password Safe.


  • Anonymous - 2013-09-11

    ok. thanks. What I did, was to delete Google sync account and added Dropbox account. Then from the mobile phone's file manager, I selected myfile.psafe3 and used the built in Easy Share function to upload it to Dropbox (Google Drive is missing in the Easy Share selection) to the PasswdSafe directory there.
    Then it started to work in PasswdSafeSync.

    When file has been opened from Dropbox, and new item (user+pass) is added to the database, when does the updated file go to Dropbox? Immediately, after PasswdSafe program has been closed, or after one hour? What if there is no network after the database has been modified and PasswdSafe program is terminaten?

    If there is no network, the backupfile can be used to access the records, but I guess no modifications allowed to this backupfile?

    Does the backup file go to the same directory what has been set in the PasswdSafe configuration as a default path, or to somewhere else to the filesystem? (Would want it to go to the external sd-card to the directory PasswdSafe)

    • Jeff Harris

      Jeff Harris - 2013-09-12

      When a change is made to a file and the file is saved, it should be uploaded to Dropbox as soon as network connectivity allows. I use the Dropbox Sync API to handle all of the interaction with the service. If there is no connectivity, the file remains cached on the device, and that file is used when opened until it can be synced to Dropbox. I don't have control where the Dropbox API puts the files, but it should be in the private file storage for the app.


  • Anonymous - 2013-09-30

    I ran into the same issue with Google Drive. It turns out, when you try to sync Google Drive wants authorization to allow they sync. A notice appears in the status bar but it's not at all obvious. Pull down your status bar and select the notice and authorize the sync and it will work.

    • Jeff Harris

      Jeff Harris - 2013-09-30

      That authorization method is built into the Drive SDK. The Dropbox method is nicer where you get a screen and a button that authorizes access.


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    Anonymous - 2016-09-12

    I am using PasswordSafe version 6.4.3 and PasswdSafe sync, version 3.3.0 on Android 7.0

    I have configured PasswdSafeSync with Dropbox AND GoogleDrive. I am able to open *.psafe3 files from any ot the two cloud storage drives and, from a local directory on the local device.

    1.- Now, I never see that any of the files get Downloaded from ANY of the cloud storage accounts to the local device. Even tough, on the logs, it says files were downloaded. I wonder if there is a default location for the .psafe3 file to download?

    2.- Another issue: Since PasswdSafe Sync allows the TWO cloud drives to be setup at the SAME time within the app, then the question is: is it allowed to sync among the three locations: Dropbox, Google Drive and the local file ?

    3.- Does PasswdSync works bi-directionally ? That is, it won't matter which file is opened, it will sync with the "other" files, disregarding their location (cloud dirve(s) or local file) ?

    4.- Related to the above: Somewhat obvious, but anyway, lets ask: Is is recommended to customarily "work" only on one of those files as a rule of thumb (and order)? Or, any file can be opened and as soon as there is connectivity PasswdSync will figure out in which direction to syncrhonize and what gets overwritten ?

    Thanks in advance for your help. Kudos for a great app !

    • Jeff Harris

      Jeff Harris - 2016-09-14
      1. Files are downloaded to a location that is private to the sync app. No other apps should be able to access the files.

      2. Syncing with multiple accounts does not share the same file between all accounts. If you have mysafes.psafe3 on bothe Dropbox and Google Drive, you'll have two separate files on the phone. I've been thinking about being able to link two files together to do a three-way sync but haven't gotten around to doing the feature. Syncing with local files is also not included even though you may have named the files similarly.

      3. The sync is two-way. Changes made on your device will be synced to the service, and changes made elsewhere and uploaded to the service will sync to your device.

      4. You should be able to work on either the local or cloud files as you like. When a sync happens, the app attempts to detect edits to both files and will clone one file with a new name so that your updates are not overwritten. You should get a notification that there was a conflict, and you'll need to sort out which file to keep or to use the PC Password Safe to merge files together.


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    Anonymous - 2016-10-24

    I think that I am having the same issue with GoogleDrive. I created a file on the PC version and saved the file into my GoogleDrive folder within a directory called 'Safe'. When I go to the Sync app, I connect the correct GoogleDrive user, but all I see is 'No Files'. I have tried changing the folder name and even moving the files to the root directory, but to no avail. I also looked for the notification bar alert mentioned higher up, but I am not getting any such alert.

    Any ideas?

    • Jeff Harris

      Jeff Harris - 2016-10-26

      What file names are you using? The app should sync .psafe3 files.



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