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Structure tags

Is available on SVN trunk new PascalSCADA resources: Structure Tags. To do this, is available two new components, one called TPLCStruct that represents then entire structure and the TPLCStructItem that represents isolated items of the structure. The behavior is like of the TPLCBlock but the difference is that each TPLCStructItem can have any size, from byte to integers and floats of 32 bits sized.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2010-07-01

Tag data type

Following the suggestion of Jorge López, is available at PascalSCADA SVN the data type support in tags. For this, tag now have three new properties (SwapBytes, SwapWords and TagType). SwapBytes and SwapWords is available to read values in CLP's like Siemens (that invert everthing) and the last is the type of the tag.

Download it and have fun... and if you found some problem, report it!

Warning (24/jun): testing this new functionality, I found a problem when you create a tag with size less than the supported sizes in protocol (an example is when you map tag bytes in modbus that only offers words). When you close your application, an exception is raised. I'm searching this. The SVN version must be used with careful.... read more

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2010-06-25

Lazarus 0.9.28

Recently I received an e-mail from Yves GUILLET, asking why the unit uModBusTagBuilder.pas doesn't compiles in Lazarus So I researched and the problem (if it is a problem) is the new resource system that will come in Lazarus 0.9.30 (actualy I'm using the version 0.9.29 with FPC 2.5.1). The fix for this small problem is available at SVN trunk and in If you downloaded the fix file, please decompress it in the PascalSCADA folder, overwriting the existing files.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2010-04-16

PascalSCADA 0.6.3 released

As previously announced in PascalSCADA blog, I found a critical bug in version 0.6.2 when the tag that don't stay at the begin or at the end of a block of tags managed by TPLCMemoryManager class, it isn't updated. I also found a deadlock when the application is terminated.

To resolve these problems, was released in the version 0.6.3 of PascalSCADA.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2010-04-07

PascalSCADA 0.6.2 fix update

Some days ago while talking with Rafael (he are testing the PascalSCADA) we discover a bug in TPLCMemoryManager in Move procedure. I suggest to everyone to update to the latest SVN revision or download the version 0.6.2 that is available on

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2010-02-27

ZeosLib 64 bits

If are you desperate because ZeosLib doesn't work correctly in 64 bits, don't worry! I sent to Mark Daems (manager of ZeosLib) the fifth patch that solves this problem. It was tested with versions of Delphi 7, 2006, 2007, 2009 and Lazarus/FPC with MySQL and Postgres and is everything working fine. The revision of ZeosLib with this patch is 717.

Now is possible to dream with historic and recipes in the version 0.7 of PascalSCADA.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-11-10

PascalScada 0.6 in SVN

Is available to download in the svn the version 0.6 of PascalScada. Paste the url above in your favorite svn client to download it.

The packages will be available in Sourceforge too.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-09-25

PascalScada 0.6 in SVN

Is available to download in the svn the version 0.6 of PascalScada. Paste the url above in your favorite svn client to download it.

The packages will be available in Sourceforge too.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-09-25

PascalScada 0.6 is comming soon..

The version 0.6 of PascalScada is comming soon. This release have a lot of improvements of stability and performance. The new features is the TCP_UDPPort and the ModBusTCP protocol driver. It was planned to this release Historic and Recipes, but the ZeosLib isn't done for 64 bits environments. This will be available in the next release of PascalScada.

In the next days the packages of version 0.6 will be available to download in the

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-09-25


The new drivers TCP_UDPPort and the ModBusTCP are almost done. But in the last tests, I found some stability issues that affects all drivers.

Please update your copy to avoid problems.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-09-18

TCP/UDP port and ModBusTCP

Are available in the svn trunk of PascalSCADA two new drivers.

First driver enable TCP/UDP over IPv4 communications. This is the first step to support the last generation PLC's of many manufactures, like Siemens, Allen Bradley and Schneider.

The second driver is the ModBus TCP, used in PLC's of Schneider.

Both are in test and need fixes and optimizations.

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-09-18

PascalScada Dependency

In english:

In the last time without any new, I was worked with historic/recipes of PascalScada (that needs Database access). I analyzed many components of database access and the library with better works with PascalScada is the ZeosLib. But ZeosLib aren't done for the 64 bits environments. So, I started a force to make ZeosLib safe in these environments. The progress can be viewed in ZeosBugs and in ZeosLib Forum.... read more

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-08-12

PascalSCADA: Drivers and good news

Sorry by the long delay between posts.

I have many news of PascalSCADA:

  1. New driver is done and it is under tests. It's called TIBoxDriver, used to communicate with refrigeration modules, used in cold chambers of trucks. I know that don't have anything related with industrial automation, but if you need to communicate with the refrigeration modules you have at least one way to do this.

  2. The first application has been made with PascalScada. It was developed by the company SITEC - Soluções em Tecnologia Industrial LTDA, from Chapecó, Santa Catarina, Brasil. The application has been developed with Delphi 2006/2007 and control the cooling of sausages. Screenshots of the application in developement stage and running will be available shortly in the PascalSCADA site in the SourceForge.... read more

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-04-29

West N6100 Ascii

Some days ago, I announced the new protocol driver for the West N6100. Now, I have another good new. It is 100% tested and are working well. See in how to download and to use this new driver...

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-03-25

New driver: WEST6100Ascii

Is available in SVN trunk of PascalSCADA the WEST6100 Ascii driver to communicate with controllers WEST 6100 and 6100+. To remember, this driver still in testing yet.

If you have some problems with this driver, please report it using the pascalSCADA bug-tracking ( or send-me a e-mail or a comment in this blog (

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-03-21

TEvent no Unix IV / TEvent under Unix episode IV

Lembram dos episódios passados com a classe TEvent no Unix ( Pois bem, isso agora chega ao fim. Após muito conversar com Jonas Maebe do FreePascal, eu mesmo escrevi a solução para esse problema (com algumas melhorias sugeridas pelo Jonas). Eu já havia feito algo para o projeto PascalSCADA e chamei de TCrossEvent, então resolvi compartilhar a solução. No unix os eventos são emulados, e por isso entre um SetEvent e a continuação de uma thread após um WaitFor levava em torno de 400ms (muito para uma comunicação). Após a reimplementação isso leva 0ms (igual em todos os sistemas operacionais). Por enquanto a solução está somente na versão desenvolvimento do FreePascal (versão 2.3.1), mas creio eu que estará disponível na próxima versão estável do compilador. O histórico da resolução está em read more

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-03-16

PascalSCADA: Instalação/Installation

Para facilitar a instalação do PascalSCADA, aqui vão algumas dicas. Primeiro baixe o PascalSCADA (Veja nas postagens anteriores como proceder);

Usuários de Delphi:

  1. Vá em File -> Open e navegue até a pasta onde você baixou o PascalSCADA e selecione o arquivo "scada.dpk";
  2. Edite o arquivo scadareg.pas e remova:

    As units da clausula uses: HMIButton e TCPIPClientPort;
    As Linhas:... read more

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-03-16


URL para baixar a versão desenvolvimento do PascalSCADA (via SVN):

Usuários do windows devem instalar o TortoiseSVN ( Após isso devem criar uma pasta vazia e dentro dela clicar com o botão direito e escolher "SVN Checkout"

No dialogo que aparece cole a URL abaixo no campo "URL of repository": read more

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-03-16

PascalSCADA Open-Source

Olá a todos!

Talvez a notícia que todos aguardavam! O PascalSCADA vai se tornar um projeto Open-Source. Estou apenas aguardando a aprovação do para hospedar o projeto lá.

Então, se você quiser colaborar, seja com codigos, testes ou ideias, seja bem vindo!

In english:

Maybe this is the new that everyone is waiting! The PascalSCADA will be a open-source project. I'm waiting the approval of to host the project there.... read more

Posted by Fabio Luis Girardi 2009-03-16

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