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  • yanis97

    yanis97 - 2004-04-23


    How generated the comments into the technical doc for the Delphi class and methods (function + procedure) in using doxygen + pas2dox ?
    I have used the doxygen tags but not works !
    class example :
    /*! \class Matrice
      *  \brief Gestion du type Matrice.
      *  \author Moi
      *  \author Et titi
      *  \version 1.0
      *  \date    1996-1998
      *  \bug Y a pas
      *  \warning Y a pas
      *  Une longue description de cette belle class
      Matrice = class;

    Methods example :
    *! \fn const char *Test::member(char c,int n)
    *  \brief A member function.
    *  \param c a character.
    *  \param n an integer.
    *  \exception std::out_of_range parameter is out of range.
    *  \return a character pointer.

    function toto() : Matrice;


    • Darren Bowles

      Darren Bowles - 2004-04-25

      Can you email me an example of your source code, along with the doxygen configuration file and i'll have a look for you.


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