Good work in v0.41

  • Christian Graf

    Christian Graf - 2003-11-19


    your tool is getting better and better with every version.
    It has made great progress from v0.3x to v0.4 and v0.41.
    Now it is possible to mix constants, global functions and classes in one unit. To my mind this was the big disadvantage of earlier versions.
    I think, your tool is now ready for every-day use.

    Thank you very much,


    • Darren Bowles

      Darren Bowles - 2003-11-19

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your kind words.  It's always heartening to get positive feedback.

      Even so, bugs and feature requests enable the project to mature and move forward.  I hope we're not too far away from the leap to v1.00 :-)

      Thanks once again,


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