I'm just doing a spike to try out partcover and although I'm loving it as an alternative to the suddenly greedy NCover team's solution, the numbers on the coverage report don't add up.
I'm using NUnit 2.5 (tried w/ earlier versions and didn't make a diff) and I've got a class with two simple methods: add and subtract. In the fixture I've deliberately written a simple test asserting subtract but leaving add out. Instead of the expected 50% coverage I get 43%!
using the trial version of NCover on the same dll I got the expected 50% (however, I also found out in the process of doing the spike that NCover doesn't support automatic properties because they claim it can't be done… maybe they should ask the partcover team for help…).
I thought maybe it'd have something to do with the compiler generating the default constructor. by adding a default const to the class explicitly I got 48%.
Could anyone shed some light please?