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Daniel P.
  • Daniel P.

    Daniel P. - 2009-04-18

    The PartCover.Browser gives you the ability to determinate the coverage of your classes.
    You can browse the results and also generate a HTML report, showing you the assembly/class coverage quota.

    In PartCover 2.3 the XSLT stylesheets are not working. I have supplied a patch here:

    Furthermore I have written a program that generates a more detailed HTML report.
    It does not only show the coverage quota, but also includes the source code and visualizes which line has been covered.

    You can download it here:

    The next release will contain support for merging multiple reports into one.

    • Daniel P.

      Daniel P. - 2009-04-21

      I have just finished the next release.
      Now it is possible to merge multiple reports into one.

      If you pass multiple reports to ReportGenerator, the reports will bemerged into one.
      It is also possible to pass one XML file containing multiple reports to ReportGenerator (e.g. a build log file).

      You can download it here:

      • Dan Ports

        Dan Ports - 2009-04-23

        Just took a look at your code here. It looks like a very good start. Code is easy to understand and well-organized. The one thing I take issue with is MultiReportParser.CoverageOfAssembly and .CoverageOfClass. Taking the maximum of the child parsers is almost always an underestimate. You could have one test run that tests 50% of a class, and another test that tests the remaining 50%. This implementation would report 50% coverage when the class is actually 100% covered. It will take more processor time to calculate the correct numbers, sure, but optimization can always be done later.

        Anyway, thanks for working on this. I'll try actually running it a bit later.

    • Daniel P.

      Daniel P. - 2009-04-24

      @Dan Ports:
      Thanks for your feedback.
      Taking the maximum really is not a very good estimate.
      The problem was that calculating the exact coverage took a very long time in version
      In release I improved the performance (a 70 MB report is now processed in 2-3 minutes instead of 30-40 minutes).
      With the current release it would also be possible to calculate the exact values of the overall coverage faster.
      I will change this in version

      • Dan Ports

        Dan Ports - 2009-04-24

        OK, looking forward to it. It would also be great if the tool could calculate the total % coverage over all assemblies.

    • Daniel P.

      Daniel P. - 2009-04-27

      I have released a new version. Now the coverage quota is calculated exactly.
      The total coverage is calculated as well.

      You can download it here:

      • Dan Ports

        Dan Ports - 2009-04-28

        Excellent. I'll give it a try later.

      • Dan Ports

        Dan Ports - 2009-05-08

        Do you have an XSLT that I could use to integrate this into a CruiseControl.NET build?

    • Daniel P.

      Daniel P. - 2009-05-11

      No I don't have an XSLT. I simply call the ReportGenerator during a build and save to report to a certain directory.
      Then I wrote a plugin for CC NET Dashboard that gets all reports from a directory and shows a link to the index.html.

    • Daniel P.

      Daniel P. - 2009-07-22

      I have released a new version.
      Partcover is now supported.

      You can download it here:


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