cosmocat - 2008-10-06


I use mbunit with and I try to use partcover too.

When I use mbunit alone all the tests passed.
But I use partcover (calling mbunit) to have the code coverage, I have some tests which failed.

I use the command line :
PartCover.exe --target C:/CruiseControl.NET/server/Verso/WorkingDirectory/Tools/MbUnit/MbUnit.Cons.exe --target-work-dir ./verso/VersoTest/bin/Debug/ --target-args Taliance.Verso.Tests.dll --output .\log\PartCoverResult.xml

Due to the failed result of mbunit (return -1), the partcover xml result file contains no accurate data :(

Is there a way to know which test failed?
Or better, to run one time the tests and have in the same time the mbunit AND partcover result files?

Thanks in advance!