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Summarize Report

  • qriz

    qriz - 2011-05-11

    Hallo to All,
    I have a question. I use PartCover with TestComplete. TestComplete starts over 100 tests and with every test we start PartCover, and close it when the test ist done. The Problem is that PartCover overwrite the existing report-file. Is there a function, that PartCover just add a new report-file or a function that he can "combine" 2 reports?

    An other question is, is there a console instruction that PartCover auto generate's me a *.html report as output?


  • Shaun Wilde

    Shaun Wilde - 2011-05-11


    FYI: PartCover is no longer supported on SourceForge - it was forked to GitHub last year and all issues should be raised there.

    As to your question - the only way to do this is to create a new output per run (with different file names) and then manually aggregate the results; it was on the todo list but has since been deprecated due to development work on opencover which will eventually be able to deal with these issues.

    no HTML output of of the box but there are some xslt transforms (samples) that can be used to convert the output



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