PartCover shows 0% when tests exists

  • Bolek

    Bolek - 2008-10-01

    I'm currently writing MSBuild task for PartCover, and I wanted to see if it's working. Apparently it is, but it shows 0% code coverage, whereas I have some tests, and I would expect PartCover report not to ahow all 0-s :/
    Anyway, here is the code for PartCoverTask, and for tests project, . I invoke PartCover like that:

        C:\CI\buildbot\tools\PartCover .NET 2\PartCover.exe --target="C:\CI\buildbot\tools\NUnit-2.4.8\bin\nunit-console.exe" --target-work-dir=C:\CI\Projects\PartCoverTask\WorkDir --target-args=C:\CI\Projects\PartCoverTask\Source\PartCoverTask
    Tests\bin\Release\PartCoverTask.dll --include=[*]* --exclude=[nunit*]* --exclude=[*Test*]* --exclude=[Microsoft.*]* --output=C:\CI\Projects\PartCoverTask\ArtefactsDir\PartCover-report.xml

    Now I wonder why does PartCover show 0% code coverage, when obviously at least three methods are tested ??

    I'd be grateful for any hints, 'coz I'm kind of new to code ceverage analysis, and PartCOver especially...

    • Loginov Oleg

      Loginov Oleg - 2008-10-03

      could you publish the xml report file?

    • Bolek

      Bolek - 2008-10-04

      Here's the xml report, .
      What's weird is that if I run analysis from GUI, I got expected results: , with following settings:, even if I run it with the same (I think) arguments:

          C:\CI\buildbot\tools\PartCover .NET 2\PartCover.exe --target="C:\CI\buildbot
      \tools\NUnit-2.4.8\bin\nunit-console.exe" --target-work-dir=C:\CI\Projects\PartC
      overTask\Source\PartCoverTaskTests\bin\Release --target-args=PartCoverTask.dll -
      -include=[*]* --exclude=[nunit*]* --exclude=[*Test*]* --exclude=[Microsoft.*]* -


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