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Partclone / News: Recent posts

release of partclone 0.2.86

This release we update:

  • fix fat cluster count
  • fix nilfs mount issue
  • add zh_CN lang support

Posted by Thomas 2015-11-12

Posted by Thomas 2015-11-12

release of partclone 0.2.85

This release fixed fat 16 clone issue and configure test.

Posted by Thomas 2015-11-05

release 0.2.61

We remove option -m, and add -z to assign buffer size (default 1M).
This version improve performance especially single core machine, accept patch from Роман Шишнев who found this bug and fix it.
This version also remove duplicate code, and find a lot of warning from -Wall and fix it.

Posted by Thomas 2013-05-21

0.2.51 release

This version fix main progress time display and some document updates. When elapsed, remind time over 24hr, it can't display correct. Some document is empty or lost something, we easily add our web site url to empty document.

Posted by Thomas 2012-07-31

0.2.50 release

This version add exfat file system support, people can backup and restore exfat data. The minor feature is we show uased blocks, total blocks when cloneing and restoring.

Posted by Thomas 2012-07-10

Version 0.2.48-stable of Partclone

Release Notes: New stable version of partclone 0.2.48 fixed issue include fix vmfs5 clone, fix ntfs clone, and update ntfsfixboot version . Accepting patch to remove redundant copy of crc_buffer from Matthew Booth and accept patch from Rommer to update memory usage. We also update manpage and todo list. Please check new website to access more news.

Posted by Thomas 2012-05-31

release 0.2.48 testing

this is minor release for vmfs and ntfs backup.

fix backup fail when vmfs5 used unallocated block.
fix ntfs backup for windows 2008, bitmap_size error.
update debian package control file, add libvmfs version control.

Posted by Thomas 2012-05-01

release 0.2.47 testing

update fresh done
update fresh, add sleep in progress thread to reduce cpu usage, contributed and bug information from

change row to raw, noticed from Vincent van Adrighem

Posted by Thomas 2012-04-18

release 0.2.46

accept part of patch from Matthew Booth's review
update partclone.vmfs for version 5
update manpages
update document, some example error.
update vmfsclone to backup vmfs5 well
accept patch from Rommer to update memory usage

Posted by Thomas 2012-04-02

Release 0.2.38 Stable

Release 0.2.38 Stable

fix bug for reiserfs
update ncurses for sid
add e2fsprog(1.42~WIP) support
add vmfs5 support
accept patches from Georges (for debian package)
accept patches from Rommer to improve memory usage
accept suggestion from Paul
accept suggestion from Randy Syring

Posted by Thomas 2011-12-12

0.2.33 testing release

partclone (0.2.33) sid; urgency=low

update makefile for ncurses static linking
update memory usage
update ncurses progress bar

partclone (0.2.32) sid; urgency=low

accept patch file from Rommer.
Attached patch for partclone 0.2.31 reduces memory usage by 4-8 times. by Rommer.

Posted by Thomas 2011-10-27

0.2.31 testing release

vmfs5 support
bugs fix

Posted by Thomas 2011-10-14

0.2.27 testing release

accept some patches from Georges
fix bug for hfsplus (\)
fix bug for reiserfs
fix bug for xfs bitmap malloc from Paul

Posted by Thomas 2011-08-30

0.2.26 stable release

update for new e2fslibrary 1.42-WIP
add ntfs-3g library support
add script to test partclone easily
fix some bug issues

Posted by Thomas 2011-08-18

Release 0.2.20

Release 0.2.19 and 0.2.20
fix partclone.dd / partclone.restore hard to show right message for stdin data. We use target size as source size for the special case.

fixbug: progress fail when just 10 block restore
fixbug: update makefile for btrfs.
Thanks report bug message btrfs/disk-io.c:739: open_ctree_fd: Assertion from Zoltan.

Posted by Thomas 2011-03-17

Release testing 0.2.18

add option max_block_cache to get better performance escpcially small block size(fat)
update typo error

Posted by Thomas 2011-02-18

Release Stable 0.2.16

Included New Features:
Release 0.2.16 - add two options(--restoew_row_file and --quiet)
Release 0.2.14 - btrfs support
Release 0.2.12 - JFS Supported
Release 0.2.10 - Better XFS clone (algorithm from xfs_copy)
and more

Posted by Thomas 2011-01-25

Release0.2.15 add btrfs support

New feature: The BTRFS file system clone supported right now.

Posted by Thomas 2010-09-13


New feature: The JFS file system clone supported right now.

* get libjfs-dev from

** The package libjfs-dev is based on jfsutils version 1.1.12 and patch makefile to create libjfs.

more update please check changelog...

Posted by Thomas 2010-07-01


Testing Version: 0.2.11
Stable Version: 0.2.8

latest update log:
* Bug fixed: xfsclone type error for amd64
* Update control file: add libvmfs
* Bug fixed: chkimg.c not work
* Bug fixed: new xfsclone
* Bug fixed: error for backup partition larger than 8.7T
* Bug fixed: better memory usage for restore
* Bug fixed: update progress bar faster
* fix progress bug about: alwayn new line for 640x480 resolution
* update version
* A bug about 0 rate for bitmap calculation.
* update partclone to show more readable size for partition and rate/min.
* autogen git number
* fix progress inf bug
more update log see ChangeLog.

Posted by Thomas 2010-06-09

Release : 0.1.9

* New Feature: UFS was added.
* An option was added: --logfile or -L to specify file for log message.
* A new program partclone.chkimg was added to help checking img by CRC.
* New Feature: add argument to set fresh of progress bar
* New Feature: restore to new file(non-block device)
* Bug fixed: XFS clone failure was fixed.
* Bug fixed: FAT clone failure was fixed.
* Bug fixed: Wrong path for exec files.
* Bug fixed: bug of CRC in 64 bit image problem was fixed.
* other updates please check changelog

Posted by Thomas 2009-09-18

Release : 0.1.1

Release Name: 0.1.1

1. Before this commit, partclone restore fail from 64 bit img to 32 bit. It's because the size of Unsigned long is 8 bytes in 64 bit, and 4 bytes in 32 bit partclone.
2. update progress bar and structure
3. add ntfsfixboot.c from
4. remove ntfsreloc
5. Bug fixed: clonezilla-Bugs-2784676. Thanks to njorl _at_ users sourceforge net.
6. some bug fix...... read more

Posted by Thomas 2009-05-21

web page for

We release new web page

Posted by Thomas 2009-05-11