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Getting Started

Almost a year ago to the day we finally negotiated the NASA bureaucracy and released the PARSEC CEE to the public. Being rather new to the open source environment we did not do all we should have to advertise our project. We plan to rectify that. We have a new build that we will put out in the next couple of days. We are going to do our best to find folks to come help us out.

We think this collaborative engineering environment is a game changer for a number of industries out there. We wrote this code to accelerate the conceptual design process for launch vehicles and spacecraft. We have seen tenfold improvement in our time to design and design accuracy. We made the code versatile enough that colleagues could bring any of their design codes, whether home grown codes or commercial off the shelf codes, and integrate them into our system. (BTW, this program only consists of the design environment, not any of the analytical codes.) With a little effort we think that this code could be used in any industry where engineers and scientists need to collaborate on a design. And the code has been used by individuals to create GUI's and store data from legacy codes. Our system is much easier than trying to build a front end out of Excel or MatLab.... read more

Posted by transonic 2010-04-22

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