parity: 1.0.3 released

parity is an open source project who's goal it is to ease porting applications from UNIX-like systems to Windows. It relies on the presence of a UNIX Layer for Windows such as Interix, Cygwin or MinGW. parity is most tested on Microsofts Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications, so it will work there best.

parity uses Microsoft Tools - like cl.exe, link.exe, etc. - to mimic a GCC like interface, while really compiling natively for Windows. This results in pure and native Windows Libraries and Executables, which can be mixed freely with any existing Software pieces.

The most effort has been put into shared library handling, which now behaves nearly the same as on common UNIX-like systems. There also is a patch for libtool, which makes it know about parity (which passes all tests of the libtool test-suite). Advanced Features like a working -rpath option have been added to improve the handling of DLLs on Windows.

parity ships with a little runtime enhancement library called parity.runtime. This library abstracts away the need to take care of what kind of paths are used. This means you can now give a UNIX-style path to an executable built with parity, and it will understand it. Previously this was not possible, and all Windows executables would need Windows-style paths to work.

Configuration File lookup and loading has been reviewed. now it is possible to load partial configuration files, which only contain additions to an allready loaded one.

Fixed an issue, where parity would use a lot of CPU time, while waiting for external tasks.

Added support for Visual Studio 2008 (allthough not throughout tested yet).

The parity.loader allways logs to debug output (using OutputDebugStringA). This can be monitored using a tool like the DbgView utility from SysInternals.

Minor improvements to parity.runtime made the whole package behave better with existing code.

Added support for Cygwin (not throughout tested yes). See the wiki on how to install, and on how to use parity.
Cygwin support was also added to the native Windows build of parity. This means, that you can build parity using cl.exe (instead of gcc) and still be able to use parity inside cygwin with full patch conversion capabilities.

Added a new graphical configuration editor, writte in managed C++. This has it's own configuration inside the solution, since it need to build parity.utils as managed code.

Fixed an issue, where the -rpath option was not recognized correctly.

Fixed an issue, where the loader would output junk to the console.

Fixed an issue, where the order of option recognition made parity fail to recognize some options correctly

The Libtool 1.5.24 patch (contained within the parity package in parity.patches) has been reviewed, and now only supports parity if the host is i586-pc-winnt (really *-*-winnt*).

Posted by Markus Duft 2008-02-04

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