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Paristemi No Longer Supported

Due to the growing responsiblities of the main developer of the project, Paristemi will no longer be supported. The source will continue to be available, but bug fixes and feature requests will not be considered. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Posted by Kristen 2006-12-20

Paristemi 0.8.4 - Preventative Measure For Vulnerability

There was a vulnerability that was exposed in the code which allowed for remote scripts to be executed. There is a patch available (download and update constants.php), which should prevent attacks. Please also remove the file /music/buycd.php from your server.

Posted by Kristen 2006-12-20

Paristemi 0.8.3 - Fixed Install Script for MySQL 5.0 Users

The install script has been changed so that the 'year' type on the field has been changed to a 'varchar', which allows the script to be installed on databases using MySQL 5.0

Posted by Kristen 2006-12-11

Paristemi 0.8.2 - Parse Error In Constants.php Fixed

I thought this was fixed long ago, but it appears that I never released it. There was a parse error in the constants.php file. Nothing needs to be done for existing installs, this only affects those people who have been trying to install it and haven't been able to. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Kristen 2006-08-04

Vote On Paristemi's Next Features

There is now a poll for voting open to decide what new feature goes into the next release for Paristemi! Please vote today to help development understand what your needs are.

Vote at

Posted by Kristen 2005-11-30

Paristemi 0.8.1 Important Bug Fix

Release 0.8 had a bug in the constants.php file where it was trying to include a file that didn't exist. Please update your config to remove any lines that contain SOAP in the constants.php file or download the uploaded constant file and compare it with yours. This has been fixed in the release called 0.8.1.

Posted by Kristen 2005-11-11

Paristemi 0.8 Released!

Paristemi Church Website Software Beta Release 0.8 is finally available! This is the one you have all been waiting for, which brings a full administration panel so that general users can add content easily to the church website.

Paristemi gives churches the ability to have a full featured customizable website that allows them to communicate with the world. From announcements and event calendars, to prayer requests and mailing lists, it seeks to meet the needs of today's church.... read more

Posted by Kristen 2005-09-23

Paristemi 0.8 Release Delayed

The release of Paristemi 0.8 has been delayed by at least a month due to hardware difficulties. The official release date has not been established, but please stay tuned to for more information. If this has an adverse effect on your deployment of the system, please contact and we will get you a working but partial implementation of release 0.8.

Posted by Kristen 2005-05-27

Paristemi 0.8 To Be Released June 15th

The next release of Paristemi: free website for churches is slated for June 15, 2005. You can see all of the details and milestones at

Posted by Kristen 2005-05-14

Paristemi 0.7.3 Released (Minor Bug Fix)

Paristemi 0.7.3 has been released which fixes an issue with having strange starting auto-increment values for the database.

Posted by Kristen 2004-11-30

Paristemi 0.7.2 Released

This is the first public release of Paristemi : Church Website Software. For a list of changes please see the log. This is alpha software.

Posted by Kristen 2004-10-01

External Bugtracker

All bugs, issues, and feature requests are handled by the off-site bug tracker at . The tracker has been disabled on this site in favor of the external one. Thanks for your understanding.

Posted by Kristen 2004-09-15