#38 PAR2 Not Repairing Properly

Peter Doris

When Repairing a PAR2 archive with all the neccessary
pieces, it can sometimes take upwards of 10 attempts to
completely fix the archive, and occasionally won't
repair it at all, even with a valid archive.

Shouldn't the computations allow that one or two times
be sufficant? Also, is there anyway to enable an option
Autorepair until no repair needed, thus negating the
babysitting of the program otherwise?


  • Peter C

    Peter C - 2004-03-09

    Logged In: YES

    PAR2 repair should only ever take one attempt (providing
    both that the PAR2 set is not bad and that your computer
    does not have faulty memory).

    The behaviour you describe (where the repair completes after
    several attempts), is a classic symptom of faulty memory.

  • Peter C

    Peter C - 2004-03-09
    • status: open --> closed
  • Peter Cordes

    Peter Cordes - 2009-11-26

    I've seen this problem with a par2 set that was probably generated on a computer with bad ram, but my own machine was fine. Repeated attempts were no use for me; Maybe it would be possible for par2 to keep trying the repair, leaving out different sets of blocks in an attempt to find a set of enough good blocks. Or if it's possible to check a block more efficiently than by trying to use it as part of a full repair, that would be ideal to do after the first repair attempt fails. (and a check-your-ram message is printed).


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