#33 QuickPar continues to create new files

Dennis C

When I attempt to repair a certain archive, QuickPar
creates a set of files ending in .1, .2, .3, etc... After
every repair attempt, the status still says "Complete
files: 26 Damaged files: 19" Clicking Repair again just
creates another 19 files with an incremented suffix on
the filename. I don't know if this behavior is by design
for some reason, but I have never seen this before.

Love the program other than this little hiccup!


  • Peter C

    Peter C - 2003-11-27
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  • Peter C

    Peter C - 2003-11-27
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  • Peter C

    Peter C - 2003-11-27

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    The .1, .2, .3 files are backup copies of the bad files.

    The first thing that QuickPar does when you start a repair is
    to rename any damaged files with a .1, .2, .3 suffix.

    It then starts to create the new versions of those files. Once
    the new files have been created it attempts to verify them.

    In your case the verification of the new files fails so QuickPar
    tells you that you need to repair.

    The only known cause of this problem (other than
    unconfirmed suggestions of a bug in the PAR2 algorithm) is
    faulty memory.

    You can probably eliminate your own computer as the guilty
    party by doing a binary file comparison of each of the .2 files
    with the corresponding .3 file (which should be identical). If
    they are not indentical then you have bad memory.


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