#24 QuickPar 0.7 - Base filename algorithm tuning


Right now, the algorithm that you use to create the
base filename is rather nifty, but with a few
drawbacks. So, I think it could use a little bit of

If I have a few files, where only the first character
is identical, the base filename has a bad habit of
creating a short, 1 character filename. (e.g.
01-track1.mp3, 02-track2.mp3, 03-track3.mp3 ... base
filename will end up as "0" which isn't very useful and
would be better if it would use the parent folder name)

Off-hand, I would say that if the base filename ends up
as less then 3 characters, it should consider using the
parent folder name instead. (Right now, the algorithm
does this when none of the files share a common prefix.)

A second suggestion for the algorithm is that the base
filename should not end in a space or underscore.
(e.g. files that are named prefixA_01.mp3,
prefixA_02.mp3 generate a base filename of "prefixA_"
when the trailing underscore might be better off
dropped from the name)


  • Peter C

    Peter C - 2003-10-29

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    Thank you for these suggestions. I have added them to my
    wishlist and they will be implemented.

  • Peter C

    Peter C - 2003-10-29
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