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Peter C
par2cmdline (3)

I'm trying to wrap a GUI around par2 on the Mac OS X platform using
Obj-C Cocoa and not winning!

I have tried a couple of methods at grabbing the stdout from par2 but
not getting anything stable.
The one method I am trying to get to work at the moment is
"readInBackgroundAndNotify" now this gets data okay but in various
block sizes. so I'm getting data like this:

dataOutput = canning: "BigArchive.rar": 0.9%
dataOutput = Scanning: "BigArchive.rar": 1.0%
dataOutput = Scanning: "BigArchive.rar": 1.1%
dataOutput = S
dataOutput = c
dataOutput = a
dataOutput = n
dataOutput = n
dataOutput = i
dataOutput = n
dataOutput = g
dataOutput = :
dataOutput =
dataOutput = "
dataOutput = B
dataOutput = i
dataOutput = g
dataOutput = Archive.rar": 1.2%
dataOutput = Scanning: "BigArchive.rar": 1.3%
dataOutput = Scanning: "BigArchive.rar": 1.4%
dataOutput = Scanning: "BigArchive.rar": 1.5%
Scanning: "B
dataOutput = i
dataOutput = g

This makes it impossible to search for any unique string...
Does anyone have any ideas how I could stablize this or know of a
better way to capture the stdout.
What I want to capture is filenames and percentage of progress

Thanks in advance


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