Client Update: FSRaid now at version 2.7.0

Missed a few here...

Changes for up to version 2.7.0 from 2.4.0 listed below:

July 27, 2002: Version 2.7.0 released

Just a small update...

Completely removed the dependency for the oleacc.dll file. This will not cause any more problems, and the file is no longer included in the distribution EXE, shrinking the file size by about 16K.

When holding down the SHIFT key (during program startup) to reset the window position, the message box said "You were holding down the control key" -- not the SHIFT key. Ooops. :)

Added client ID for Newspost (news software with PAR functionality -- []) -- this really only means that FSRaid will be able to properly display the name of this client for PAR files created by it. PAR files created by this client won't be treated any differently.

That's it. Really. I told you this was a small update. :)

June 21, 2002: Version 2.6.0 released

Par creation dialog no longer allows you to add folders when dragging/dropping files into the list (folders that were part of the drag/dop operation are now ignored.)

Fixed the Oleacc.dll problem? Included a stub Oleacc.dll file to the interlal packaging.
if there is a trailing backslash inside the "Output Directory" within the PAR creation dialog, it will no longer fail.

FSRaid will now work with UNC filenames ("\\SERVER\folder\folder\file.ext").
Pressing F1 from the about-box no longer causes a strange, empty (helpless) dialog to appear. :)
It seems some UDF filesystem drivers don't like some of the standard operating system file operations (?!) -- changed a few things to help these drivers work.

Fixed a harmless repetative-rename scenario with par files. If there were two duplicate PAR files with different names for the current set, it would try to rename them back and forth each time the user selected to fix names.

Switched to the OEM code page for compatibility with SmartPAR. This should solve problems with people using PAR sets that contain strange characters in filenames.

May 23, 2002: Version 2.5.0 released

Improved the recovery process so that a few more situations are recoverable, that weren't recoverable in the past.

FSRaid will no longer re-check the file used to load the set. Just a tiny shortcut to shave a few milliseconds off of your wait time. :)

Help and about boxes are no longer modal -- they don't interrupt processing.

FSRaid would sometimes block other processes from starting. Not sure why... some quirk with Windows I think. But it's fixed.

FSRaid will no longer freeze if you selected to create a set consisting of strictly non-recoverable files.

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Posted by Ryan Gallagher 2002-07-28

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