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Client Update: FSRaid releases v2.4.0

New version available from the official website:

Some people are going to love this new version, while others might not notice a difference.

Many users have reported an unusually long delay when FSRaid starts. In some cases, this delay is so long, that the users thought the program had locked up, so they killed the process. In reality, FSRaid was quite busy doing something very useful...

This delay was caused by the way FSRaid hunts down PAR files in the directory. If you have misnamed PAR files, other PAR programs won't find them, but FSRRaid will. This is because FSRaid interrogates every single file in the directory to see if it's a matching PAR file for the current set. This way, no PAR file could hide from FSRaid. Unfortunately, if there were a lot of files in the directory, this process could take some time (more time than I ever expected!)

The trick was to figure out how to keep this extra functionality in FSRaid but not be so slow to start. The solution was the Fix Names button.

The difference in this new version, is that FSRaid will look for PAR files by name (just like the other PAR programs), but when you use the "Fix Names" it will also fix misnamed PAR files so that more par files can be found. This takes care of the problem, and that startup delay disappears.

- Paul Nettle
- Author of FSRaid

Posted by Ryan Gallagher 2002-05-08

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