Client Update: FSRaid releases v2.3.0

From the parchive-clients-news mailing list:

This is the official notice of the latest release of FSRaid, version 2.3.0. In reality, this was a pretty big update due to the inclusion of complete Unicode filename support. Because of this, the structure of the code used to create FSRaid has changed, but also the structure of the
executable file itself has changed.

The software has been tested as well as can be expected from a fly-by-night operation like this one. <g> However, if you happen to find any strange anomalies, bugs or other misbehavior, please be sure to notify me IMMEDIATELY at

You can download the update and view a complete list of changes at the following URL:

Paul Nettle
Author of FSRaid

From the FSRaid Website:

April 9, 2002: Version 2.3.0 released

You may have noticed that FSRaid has gained an extra 200K in this release. Don't worry, it's not bloat-ware. The EXE itself isn't much bigger than before, but now it's packaged (internally) with a DLL required for Unicode support on older Operating Systems. For more information on this, see the help file under the section titled "When I run FSRaid, why do I see two copies in my task manager?"

* Added full support for Unicode filenames for those users whose operating systems support Unicode (see the Help file for more information.)

* Added support to detect cases of those very rare situations when a set is unrecoverable. If you run into this rare occurance, you'll be given a descriptive message explaining what is going on and how you might still be able to recover your data.

* FSRaid will now clean up any temp files it creates in your system's temp folder.

* FSRaid will now detect zero-length files when adding datafiles to PAR sets.

* F1 will now invoke Help

* A kindler, Gentler help file. :)

* Fixed a problems when creating PAR files in root directories on some specific hardware configurations (don't ask.. just some drivers being flaky :)

There are no known bugs -- am I wrong? Prove it - my email is in the about box :)

Posted by Ryan Gallagher 2002-04-10

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