Client Update: FSRaid releases v2.0.0

Taken From parchive-clients-news mailing list:

Note: If the FSRaid site is busy you may also
download the latest releases here:

You can get it here:

This is not a minor update. See for yourself:


* Download monitor - really cool new feature. :)

* You can now drag/drop into the creation dialog

* Resizable dialog. It only resizes horizontally. Because you can now
resize it, it's default size is a little smaller than previous versions

* FSRaid now remembers its window position (optional -- see prefs). Note
that if the SHIFT key is held down while FSRaid is starting, it will
automatically reset the window position.

* FSRaid will not snap to desktop edges - note that the program might snap
a distance away from the bottom of your desktop... this distance
represents the progress bar, when displayed.

* Added proper command-line support for input filenames only (no options
settings or other parameters)

* Fixed a bug with respect to creating PARs of data files with varying
sizes: if any file was marked as non-recoverable, then it might have
problems creating the par set.

* For the sake of clarity, the pause button is now a two-state button
rather than a standard button (click once, it stays down, click again it
pops back up.)

* Add filename to the "Are you sure you want to delete this file?" prompt,
so you know what file you're deleting.

* If a non-recoverable file was missing, it might have enabled the Repair
button when otherwise the button should have been disabled. Clicking
repair would cause a message to appear stating that no files were needed
to recover, so there was really no problem, but this has been corrected

* If a set of PARs was created in a different directory as the data files,
and if the preferences were set to load archives after creation, then
FSRaid will display a nice message letting you know that the new archive
might appear incomplete after loading.

* Added an option to the preferences for use of high-contrast colors for
those that have difficulty with saturated colors.

* Some users have complained that on occasion, FSRaid is slow to load a
set and that the disk drive churns for a few seconds before the set is
validated. I *think* this is because FSRaid scans the directory for any
PAR files belonging to a set (not all PAR tools do this). So, I've added
a progress notification to at least let you know that it's doing
something useful.

* Preliminary scans for missing files would only do so for files that were
unknown. The scan will no scan for files, regardless of their state.

* If the help or about boxes (or any other dialog) were visible, then you
could not alt-tab to FSRaid in previous versions. You can now.

* FSRaid will now separate corrupt data files with files that are too
small (incomplete) or too large. It will also give you the difference
(in bytes) in the info box when you hover over the file's maplet.

* If the program was busy, and you clicked the close button (the 'X'
button on the title bar) then it would actually continue in the
background until the current operation was finished. This has been

* FSRaid will no longer allow you to drop a file into the interface while
another operation is in progress.

* When loading a set that previously contained missing files, FSRaid would
report the files as missing upon loading, until the files were
validated. In this case, the status of those new files is set to
"unknown" until they are validated.

* FSraid will now warn when small files are included in part of the set to
be created - these files must be 10K or less, and must also be
reasonably small (relative to the size of the largest data file)

- Paul Nettle
- Fluid Studios
- Author of FSRaid

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Posted by Ryan Gallagher 2002-03-19

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