ParaPascal is first and foremost a learning/teaching tool.
It was designed with the specific purpose of teaching concepts of Concurrent Programming.

ParaPascal programming language is based on standard Pascal programming language with extensions for concurrent programming.

ParaPascal is a lot more than just a programming language.
It is an IDE with built-in compiler and interpreter.
ParaPascal does not make any .exe files, it simply runs all programs on it's own
virtual machine.

ParaPascal virtual machine simulates concurrent program execution of workstations with shared memory and variable (user defined) number of processors.

Getting started

Download the latest version from sourceforge.

ParaPascal is written entirely in Java an is fully cross-platform compatible.
There is no installation, you can run it directly.

Unzip the archive, and find parapascal.jar executable.
If you don't know how to run Java jar files check following link:

After you successfully start the application try to write the simple hello world program. After that you can go to File->Open and navigate to examples-pas directory where you will find examples of ParaPascal programs to try out.

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