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Kevin Kemp
  • Kevin Kemp

    Kevin Kemp - 2006-03-01

    I have downloaded the source, using the download version and cvs.  I am unable to build and I get 8 errors:
    1) ApplicationEnhancer/APEManagerPrefPane.h: No such file or directory
    2) cannot find protocol declaration for 'APEManagerPrefPane'
    3) ApplicationEnhancer/ApplicationEnhancer.h: No such file or directory  (3 times)
    4) 'apeprintf' was not declared in this scope (3 times)

    I am using a MacTel and I am not sure if these files are downloaded elsewhere or if they are included in MacOS X for the G5 processor.

    Please help,

    • Jason Harris

      Jason Harris - 2006-03-01

      You need the Application Enhancer SDK, which is available here:

      However, the APE SDK does not yet support Intel machines, so you will not be able to use PA on an Intel mac. 

      • Kevin Kemp

        Kevin Kemp - 2006-03-04

        OK, I guess I will have to wait.



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