Can't download anything

  • Anonymous - 2006-02-26

    Since Jan. 2006 I have NOT been able to download aything.

    After clicking an application's download link it loads a page, with what I think is the right URL, that is completely blank and no file is downloaded. This happens with all browsers.

    • Jason Harris

      Jason Harris - 2006-02-27

      Niteowl, I'm not sure that this is Paranoid Android - this behavior doesn't sound familiar.

      But, try this:  Open System Preferences from your Apple menu, choose the Application Enhancer preference pane, choose Paranoid Android in the Modules tab, and turn off "Watch URI Schemes".  Then relaunch your browser.

      • Anonymous - 2006-02-28

        I'm new at these forums and didn't mean to point a finger at PA. PA is just one of many applications I can't download from SF since Jan.

        This problem is preventing me from downloading ANY software from SF, even application manuals, histories, or release notes.

        Could you tell me how to directly contact a site administrator that handles this kind of problem?

        I've written several letters to the people listed on this site as administrators, but I guess they're too busy to respond. You're the only person to respond so far. Thanks.

        I am going to try your suggestion anyway.

        • Jason Harris

          Jason Harris - 2006-02-28

          Wait a sec, you're saying that you're unable to download files from sourceforge?  I didn't understand you properly, I thought you were saying you can't download anything from anywhere at all.

          Unfortunately, I have no idea at all how to contact a living human being at

          • Anonymous - 2006-02-28

            OK, well thank you for taking the time to try and help.


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