#2 Not Working

v1.0 (example)
Pratap Rao

I see a lot of people downloading this package, is anyone able to get it to work? Please let me know, as i have been trying to get it to work but am actually facing a lot of issues.


  • shimon

    shimon - 2016-06-23

    Yes. I need someone to discuss with.....lonely now faced with these subroutines and possible bugs~~

    I can make it run now. But it seems that there are still some problems, especially MPI, and guardcell filling for boundary conditions.

    For instance, for a wall reflecting BC, how to get the data for the diagonal corner.

  • shimon

    shimon - 2016-06-23

    | lb |
    nb |-Dc-|
    inside wall external

    For instance, I need to fill block lb's right low diagonal corner Dc according to a wall boundary.
    points in Dc is unk(nvar, nxb+nguard+1, 1, k, lb). To set this guardcell, I need the data on unk(nvar, nxb+nguard, 1, k, lb), which is inside the domain.

    The first way, I thought there was valid data in unk(nvar, nxb+nguard, 1, k, lb) since it is the guardcell of lb and will be filled before those in boundary box. But why when i copy data from it, there is bad data like 0.0 or NaN?

    the second way I tried to get data from the neighbouring block nb by surrblks(1, 2, 1, k), still no good run untill now.


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