Hi all,

I'm using Flash 3.3 whihc uses Paramesh 4  and encountered an odd problem while doing so.
Since Flash3.3 uses Paramesh and I believe that the problem lies within the Paramesh part, I write to this list too.

When I run the code on a number of processors that is 2^n it runs smoothly.
But as soon as I choose a number of cores !=2^n the code crashes with the following error:

Error in mpi_amr_local_surr_blks_lkup : remote block            1           0  not located on pe            8  while processing blk            1           8

Depending on how many cores I try to use, one or more of these errors appear.

I already tried to set lrefine_min to a value that is >1, with this change the code stopps at the grid initialisiation with the line: "starting MORTON ORDERING".
With 16/32/64 cores the code runs without problems.

the error is located in the paramesh/paramesh4/Paramesh4.0/PM4_package/mpi_source subfolder in the file mpi_amr_local_surr_blks.F90 .

Unfortunately I'm not very good in programming Fortran. Perhaps someone can help me.

Thanks for the help,
Lars Hunger