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Panther Game Engine / News: Recent posts

JigLibX physics engine integration continues

We continue to integrate the JigLibX collision engine. Work is moving along nicely and the engine is working and we are in the midst of fixing a couple bugs and adding a few more features around the new physics engine.


Posted by wood 2011-07-21

Release 5 complete

We've just finished release 5. This includes a ton of work to make sure the PantherEngine games run on XBox. The only sample game that officially runs on xbox is the movecyl game. This is a test game that really doesn't do a whole lot, but has a good amount of vector math behind it.

We also released another version of XNua with some XBox360 bug fixes.

The Panther Engine Development Team
Chapman University

Posted by wood 2011-04-08

Removed Last Releases

The previous releases were removed. The current version in Git has undergone major changes and the downloads no longer reflected the state of the engine. We are trying to get it into a place where we can create another release. Until then you will have to download the latest from the Git repository.

Posted by wood 2011-04-05