Building Libraryusing VC++ 6

  • aamirzia

    aamirzia - 2007-02-16

    Hi all,

    i have been trying to build the pantheios logging library. i Have downloaded the source and trying to follow the directions given on the site

    but as given on the above page, i have been unable to locate the work space file named
    "pantheios.vc6.dsw" in the package "".
    How can i build the library? can anyone help??

    thanx 4 ur time


    • Matt Wilson

      Matt Wilson - 2007-02-16

      Sorry about that. It's my fault.

      The best way to build is to open a command-prompt with the appropriate environment set up (which can be done by invoking the VCVARS32.BAT script, found in the VC98/bin directory). Then navigate to the 'build' directory, and then the appropriate sub-directory for your compiler. For Visual C++ this would be 'build/vc6'.

      Say you've installed to C:\Open-Source\Pantheios\1.0.1-beta23. Then you would CD to C:\Open-Source\Pantheios\1.0.1-beta23\build\vc6. In that directory, just invoke "make" to build all the common targets:


      Or you can invoke "make usage" to find out all the targets, and build one of them:

          C:\Open-Source\Pantheios\1.0.1-beta23\build\vc6>make usage

      You might want to just build the core and standard front-ends and standards back-ends, as follows:

          C:\Open-Source\Pantheios\1.0.1-beta23\build\vc6>make build.libs.core

          C:\Open-Source\Pantheios\1.0.1-beta23\build\vc6>make build.libs.fe


      The reason the .DSW is not in the distro, or rather the reason it's abscence has not been spotted, is that I always build from the makefile. I've not used the IDE with Pantheios for several months. One of the TODOs is to provide full IDE project files for all versions of VC++, and for Borland (and any others). But time is short.

      I've been very busy on something else for the last couple of months - my new book, in fact (see\) <g> - but now that's done I'm hoping to work on the next revision of Pantheios. I'll either add the DSW (if it still makes sense to the latest version of the library), or I'll remove its mention from the documentation. Sorry for the hassles.

      HTH. Feel free to post again with any further issues.




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